Our Models Of The Month for June 2019 are… The Roche Family

 family models

With parents as lovely as Adele and Jamie  you’d expect the cutest little bundles of joy to come along side… and you wouldn’t be wrong!

family modelling

Having been scouted in London in his early twenties Jamie Roche booked his first campaign for Abercrombie and Fitch in the Hamptons and it has been non stop ever since. Jamie met Adele (who has also been modelling since her early 20’s) whilst modelling on a shoot for Carlsberg in 2011 and the rest is history! Having married, Adele and Jamie then welcomed their daughter Elodie into the world, followed by Eliza. Adele modelled whilst pregnant with both girls and has continued to model with them both since they were newborns; ‘We’ve modelled for a baby crib Company, breastfeeding campaigns, children’s clothing companies, Holiday parks, and Dyson to name a few.’ Speaking of their modelling journey as a family they said ‘We love working as a family, we get to spend quality time with the girls, visit amazing places and the girls get to meet different people and we believe it’s great confidence and character building for them both.’ Whilst their not busy on set they love getting out together and are members of the National Trust and often find themselves rambling around castle ruins or stately home grounds.

We managed to catch them for a moment to ask a few questions:

Q. What what your weirdest family casting?

A. We tend to try and avoid them with the girls being so young as they become a mini nightmare, but I would say having to just bottle feed Elodie whilst being watched by 5 people. It was like a test of motherhood, but we got it so thumbs up to my bottle feeding skills.

Q. Who gets the most hangry?

A. Elodie….but actually we all do! we love our food collectively as family, the girls favourite is a mini corn on the cob.

Q. What has been your most fun job?

A. Family modelling shoots are quite testing but the girls love them, I would say when it’s a little more active so our shoot in Cornwall last year was fun as we got to visit a wildlife centre and run along the beach.

Q. Do you have any pets? If not, what would you have and why?

A. There’s lots of fluffie’s in our house and the girls just adore them all, working for the RSPCA as a volunteer I’ve accumulated quite a few. We currently have three cats and Percy our giant bunny, we recently lost our much loved Bertie or “Tee” the cat and Pumpkin the bunny, it was a little learning curve for Elodie but she understood.

Q. Legoland or Disneyland?

A. We literally cannot wait to take the girls to Disneyland, having both been ourselves and being big children we just cannot wait to share the magic with them. Just waiting until they are a little older, but we may still go this year undecided yet!


roche family modelling shoot


You can see more more of the Roche Family at https://alphaagency.co.uk/models/roche-family-2/