Evans N

Height: 6”
Chest: 42″ Chest
Waist: 34″ Waist
Shoe: UK 11
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Get To Know Evans N: “My 15 years in the industry have seen me work in both the UK and Europe, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. My print campaigns include: Audi, Nespresso, Nokia, Snickers, Vodafone (South Africa), Adidas, Guinness, Havana Club, Arik Air, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. I have also featured in television commercials for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Havana Club, Cadbury’s, Sainsbury’s, FIFA and have made appearances in Eastenders and other UK tv series. In film I have been full-screen featured as an (assassinated!) MI6 field agent in the Bond film, Skyfall and have also made featured appearances in Exodus and Rogue One, among other major films. In my spare time I love reading, keeping fit and travelling.”