Adam G

Get to know Adam G:

“I’m a smiley, energetic and enthusiastic model, actor and TV Presenter. Awarded “Presenter of the Month” by The Presenter Studio, and recognised as “The One to Watch” by, I’m a born communicator with a strong background in presentation – including chairing the Student Union at Oxford University, producing a successful internet show with over 100,000 viewers, and going on to present a variety of content both online and on television. I have extensive modelling and acting experience, including working for clients such as eBay, Paypal and Ferrero. I’m known for being exceptionally friendly and positive, and am experienced in autocue, vox pops, live interviews and piece-to-camera, and I’m a bit of a secret nerd, who joined Mensa in 2013 and I take an interest in maths problems and advanced technology. I adore animals, and used to volunteer at the vets after school for 7 years, and finally, I am also an enthusiastic rower, and take pride in keeping healthy and fit! I absolutely love taking on new projects so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”