1. How Did you become a model?

I actually started modelling super late, 28 in fact! I’d spent most of my working life behind a desk 12 hours a day and one day I just told my boss i’d Like to leave and try my hand at being on camera, both acting and modelling. Within a couple of days of leaving i’d had my first agency and a job offer!


2. What is your favourite fashion brand?

Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci’s gang


3. What has been your weirdest casting?

Once I as given so little brief they said turn up in “beach wear”…when I arrived they changed the brief and I was casting for the role of a guy chasing someone through a forest with an assault rifle….I had to just dive around the room pretending I was in the army, hiding behind trees, rolling from left to right…all while in tiny shirts and flip flops !


4. What is your worst beauty blunder?

I thought shaving my moustache off and keeping the beard would be edgy. It’s not edgy. It looks super weird. Highly advise against it!


oh and I’m an avid football player, but that’s pretty boring to tell people….


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