Model Of The Month January 2019 Is…Natacha M

model of the month Jan 19

Natacha is one of our top Alpha Females! Having booked a shoot in Ibiza within her first week on our books, we knew she would be a high flyer; and we haven’t been disappointed.

Born in Paris, Natacha signed her first contract straight after leaving college and has been modelling ever since, saying “I love the variety of the work and I’ve been lucky to have travelled all around the world for contracts and jobs. I’ve lived in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Paris, London. Earlier this year I booked an amazing shoot in beautiful Ibiza with Alpha Agency – definitely a perk of this career!”

Now living in Manchester, Natacha is a keen business woman owning a business in Paris…Not just a pretty face! In her spare time she loves horse riding, skiing, kickboxing and watching Korean dramas.

Natacha model portfolio


We managed to catch her mid trip to Japan to ask her a few questions…

Q: What is your favourite food?

My dad is French and my mum is Cambodian Chinese. They’re both excellent cooks and I share their love of food. European, Asian or South American, I like it all but if I had to pick one it would have to be Thai with all the fresh spices and herbs.

Q: What has been your weirdest casting?

I’ve had so many! In Thailand especially they fully dress you and make you up for the casting, almost as if it were the shoot itself and then you’re usually acting everything out without the props. I’ve been a ballroom dancer without music, a tennis player without a racket, a racing car driver without the car and just about everything else you can imagine. This job can be a lot of fun!

Q: Do you have any pets?

I used to be a dog person but last year I adopted a cat, Mr Pickles, and now I’m a total convert. Cats are very independent but they have so much character and definitely know how to show you love too. Mr Pickles is currently following in my own footsteps – he’s won a couple of modelling competitions this year and now has his own instagram following @mrpickles2606. I’m not sure I’m going to let him travel with his work though because I think I’d miss him too much!

Q: Lipstick or Cakes?

I love both! What’s the saying? ‘You should have your cake and eat it’? 😁