Kirsty M

Height: 5’6 Hair: Blonde, short Eyes: Brown Dress: UK 10/12 Shoes: UK 4/5 Chest: 36B Waist: 28 Hips: 36

Fabio A

Tanya K

Height: 5ft 6” Dress: UK 10 Waist: 27” Hips: 36” Bust: 34C Shoe: UK 5  

Will P

February 11, 2018

Height: 6’3” Waist: 30” Hips: 31.5 Shoe: 12

Miriam C

February 11, 2018

Bust – 32” Waist – 29” Hips – 38” Height – 5ft 4” Get tpTo Know Miriam C: “I started modelling a few years ago, collaborating with local businesses and photographers. Since then I have worked with ethical clothing brand Maykher, London based petite brand Bomb Petite and several others....

Sian F

January 18, 2018

Amy H

January 16, 2018

Height: 5ft 3in Dress: 6 Bust: 32” Waist: 25” Hips: 29” Shoe: 5 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Get To Know Amy H: “If I was an emoji I would pick the ball of sunshine! I love to work with new people and being on set is my favorite place to...

Hannah D

Height: 5’8” Blonde hair Brown Eyes Waist: 26” Hips: 32” Dress size: 6/8 Shoe size: 6 Bust: 32B Get To Know Hannah D: “I am a commercial model, I have been in the industry for several years now. I am really into keeping fit, training is a big part of my...

Rebecca W

January 11, 2018

Get To Know Rebecca C: Height: 5’5 Bra Size: 32B Waist: 27” Hips: 35” Shoe size: 5 “I have done a variety of different modelling shoots from shooting fitness, bridal, beauty, e-commerce, swimwear, fashion, commercial modelling. My interests and hobbies include character skin work where I have done touring...

Kes N

January 11, 2018

Height: 5’7” Bust: 38” Waist: 27” Hips: 38” Shoe: UK 7 Get To Know Kes N: “Since first doing some stock modelling at the age of 17 I have been interested in fashion and modelling and after nine years working in human resources, I decided to follow my heart...