You’ll be pleased to hear (or not as the case may be – we don’t judge!) this is not a poorly performed rendition of the 1994 British classic by icons Ant & Dec…. this is a literary bow/curtsy in a tutu to everyone that will listen, that our Alpha blog is live and we mean business.

No one likes a show off (she puts her hand up as she writes this) but we laugh in the face of one blog (cue pantomime villain laugh in the wings) we’ve got DEUX blooming.

Awesome blogs; one to show you all the wonderful polished campaigns we are doing and our smiley model leg-ends and *drumroll* our sister blog the Alpha Monologues (and when we say sister, we mean the kind of naughty sister who always trashes your favourite dress and denies all knowledge but you can never be mad at her as she can reel off a full pelt rendition of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice ice baby ” without taking a breath and doing the running man). This will detail the day to day model encounters (especially the cringey moments that no one talks about) from the view of our anonymous models (cue pictures of dresses tucked in pants whilst entering casting – yep… NAILED IT!)